OTT (OVER THE TOP) is a contemporary Emirati brand with a unique storytelling vision found in 2005; OTT launched with a bang in the summer of that year, when two ‘hyper charged’ best friends began collaborating and designing t-shirts as a hobby. Through their nomadic childhood between the Gulf and Europe and their blend of Eastern heritage with personal eccentric expression, a passion to create clothes defined by sophisticated luxury resulted. The first collection mainly kaftans was a huge success among local stores. The brand was invited to showcase at Berlin’s PREMIUM exhibition trade show with emerging designers. The invitation to this international fair opened new horizons and exposure to the international market.


September 2007 marked the spring 2008 launch of the OTT collection in
Paris which was received with high praise from stores, magazines, and stylists.
Soon after the Paris fair, respected stores and premium boutiques picked up the
collection worldwide. The dream has taken off and the party was just getting
started. In 2009, an encounter changes everything, the designer met through a
friend his new associate; Faiza, a Parisian woman with Algerian roots. The
synergy between the duo was magical. He will continue to create and design, and
she will oversee clients, marketing, and expanding the brand commercially. A
perfect blend of creativity and business. From that time, the duo continues
collaborating from Paris to Dubai, celebrating the exchange between the middle
east and Europe. The designer prefers to remain anonymous to keep the full
focus on the clothes not the person behind them.

In 2020 midst of the pandemic OTT launches its e-commerce boutique to reach the brand's loyal fans directly and offer item
customization and preorders options.

 From the very beginning, we have focused on translating digital print onto unexpected fabrics. OTT will always celebrate print, color, and vibrancy. We hope we can continue to showcase
beautiful prints and fresh, unprecedented ways to use them. We work with craftsmen, and we had always worked on order, slow fashion, supporting local manufacturers. We prefer pure material and unique designs, we used the digital
print technique from the very beginning of this technique, so we can say that we master it. We create new prints for each collection, inspired by nature,
travels, arts…

We want to give women unpredictable clothing that they are passionate
about. By providing a unique and fun vision, we want our brand to be a world
that women desire to experience. This is the exciting part for OTT.

OTT is about freedom of ideas, indulging any creative whims that come up
without having to stick to a certain concept. Our collection is an exquisite
line of retro-inspired, cutting-edge fashions featuring sumptuous materials and
the finest handwork. An eclectic mix of styles combining timeless vintage
eastern glam with a twist of quirky girlishness.


OTT is made with love in Dubai.